Dowfroth 200


Dowfroth 200 ---flotation frother is colourless to dark brown liquid .
DOWFROTH 200 frother are preferred when ease of feeding, load of support of heavy coarse minerals, operation of large cells and recovery are the major factors. They produce wet froths and tend to stay in the aqueous phase which will lower the overall dosage requirements and cost as the frother is reciurculated. They are good choices when achieving a froth is difficult (such as in flotation in sea water), when floating coarse grind materials at high alkalinities and when using large cells where a more persistent froth is needed.

Because the correct choice of frother is so dependent on equipment and operating factors as well as chemistry, it is very difficult to translate lab data to the plant. It is recommended that plant testing be used in properly managed and designed test program to determine the optimum frother and operating procedures. Florrea representatives are available to assist in conducting this testwork and to advise on proper frother choice.

They are readily soluble in water, so can be diluted to any given strength.

Besides their particular structure, their molecular weight plays 2a significant role in their performance.

This flotation frothers tend to produce the type of froth described in the second category above. Because of their persistence, stage-addition may not be necessary.


Chemical formula C10H22O4
EC NUMBER – 247-045-4
CAS NUMBER – 25498-49-1